Some things I did for the first time in 2013

I did quite a number of things for the first time last year. A few I remember distinctly.

I went on radio for the first time, at my oga Gbenga Sesan’s behest. Completely fudged it, but hey, I am a media man, I will get another chance.

First time at the movies. ST took me. We saw Two Guns. It was AH-mazing.

I’ve always (naively) thought beer always came in dark-ish green or brown bottles. So when I had the silly idea to spike my Ribena with a few drops of ST’s Corona, I didn’t realise I was having my first beer. Beer tastes like shit, by the way.

I had apple pie for the first time, and pretty but pleasantly accidental experience. It was an interesting looking dessert at some buffet and I had no idea what it was, until someone mentioned it just as I was going to get acquainted. They needn’t have. It tasted just like I have always imagined it would from years of Enid Blyton books. I’m glad it wasn’t disappointing like my first Pizza, years ago.

First hoodie. I bought it from Minku. It is one of my favorite things.

First time at a club, no thanks to Chidioma, and Emotu right after TNC 6. Okay I thank them a little because it also had Karaoke, another first for this clearly first class hick. I am hooked — not to the delightful debauchery of clubbing but to the Karaoke experience. I just need to find one that doesn’t have a lot of smoke.

All of these things are stuff lots if people take for granted, I know. But we all have our story, as I do mine. Every time someone asks me what I want out life, I tell them simply —  ”I want to live”.  Without context, it sounds like a smartass answer,  when I am in fact being sincere.

There is a lot more worldly wisdom to be acquired. 2014 will be interesting.



This year, I fell in and outta love with Naija music. Burna boy delivered a crazy album, as did Waje, Jesse Jaggz teased us with a good video then released a Marijuana manual as a record, Phyno came through on some beast from the East tip, I love that guy. I am still here wondering if CAPital Hill…

Amen, to the parts I understood, and parts I didn’t, being no great music buff and all.