These newspaper vendors are comedians

Orogun urged publishers and practitioners not to upload news online till about 12 noon, so that the vendors would have made appreciable sales by then. He said, “online news have drastically slowed down sales of hard cover newspapers; you can imagine a situation where you go to distribute papers in offices and you’ll see them already posting comments about trending stories on their phones. It’s very discouraging.” According to him, “It is really affecting us negatively, that we cannot boast of selling up to 300 copies a day, when we used to sell over 700 copies a day in the past. We do not know what to do any more, that is why we are appealing to publishers not to allow their stories to be online early, that they should post their daily news online as from 12 noon when newspapers would have sold reasonable copies.”


Weird Al Yankovic puts a spin on Robin Thicke’s blurred lines. I haven’t even listened to Blurred lines to the end, but I’m sure I prefer Weird Al’s version.

Gotta love Weird Al. First song of his I happened on in 2007 (I think) was don’t download this song. Hilarious.

I deezered the track and discovered it’s just one in a whole new album (Mandatory Fun) Weird Al’s just released which includes riffs on popular contemporary tracks like Pharell’s “Happy” (turned “Tacky”), and Lorde’s “Royals”.

He should have shown up the sham artists

Nigerian committees are a joke. Imagine how much time they will spend performing this all too familiar circus act, while those unfortunate girls languish in the hands of their captors. Mr. Femi Falana not wanting to be part of that sham is understandable.

But instead of some conflict of interest line perhaps he could have been more creative about recusing himself from the role? He could have done the committee’s job and submitted his recommendations right away — It would take him all of one day. Actually, all of thirty minutes to do something that will likely take GEJ’s committee a couple months. The same time it took him to write back to decline the appointment to the committee.

That would have shown the sham artists. That would have made a much stronger statement about this government’s shocking inability to do what is needed in these exigent circumstances.